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Migraines, Chiropractic, and Spinal Decompression—a Case Study

Migraines can be incredibly debilitating, causing intense headaches and often preventing people from going about their normal activities. Thankfully, chiropractic care can provide significant relief for many migraine sufferers.

Chiropractic focuses on restoring function to the spine and nervous system. This may help improve posture and alleviate pressure on nerves that trigger headaches. When combined with other therapies, such as spinal decompression, it provides even more relief.

Dealing With the Pain

Our patient, Stirling M., is a recently married woman in her 20s, with a history of weekly migraines. The headaches were so debilitating, she had to lie down until they passed. The patient believed her allergies were the cause of her problem, and was unable to get relief through medication. She also complained of severe pain in her hip, which is what brought her into the office.

When she came to us in June 2022, the migraine issue was revealed while reviewing her medical history. Dr. Sandy asked if she would be interested in having her migraines looked into, and both Stirling and her husband were enthusiastic about the prospect of relief.

Dr  with Stirlingm Migraine case

The Assessment

Dr. Sandy did a full spine total body workup as part of our whole body approach to care. This included a full spinal and neurological exam, range of motion, strength, leg length, orthopedic, and other tests to determine how the spine and nervous system were functioning. She also took X-rays of the cervical and lower spine, based on the symptoms Stirling presented with, and a digital posture scan.

The X-rays showed a severe forward head posture, actually reversing her cervical curve, as well as early degenerative changes. Her lower body pain, presenting as an eight out of 10 in severity, actually originated in the sacroiliac joint, radiating to the hip.

Dr. Sandy recommended a care plan with a few weekly visits to start. Stirling received regular adjustments and also cervical decompression therapy.

The Results

Since starting care three months ago, Stirling only had one migraine—while on vacation. Her hip pain only flares up when she over-exerts herself.

Currently, she comes in once a week, and feels she got her life back, and can now start planning a future with her new husband.

Find Out More

If you suffer from migraines, talk to your chiropractor about how they can help you find relief. Call today!


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