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Weight Loss in Sun Prairie

Turn your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine!

Weight loss before and afterFor Dr. Sandy, weight loss has always been a passion. Growing up, she was aware of the struggles family members had with their weight, and how crash diets didn’t produce long-term results. She was determined not to deal with weight issues, so was willing to take the steps necessary to be healthy and well, and not have a weight loss battle.

Dr. Sandy is also passionate about helping other people make lifestyle changes to achieve their goals. “I want to empower them to not just go on a crash diet that’s successful for a minute and will inevitably fail but change their lifestyle & do it in a way that’s sustainable & in a manner that doesn’t make you feel deprived.”

Sugar: A Major Weight Loss Saboteur

“While we know the body uses sugar first for energy, we also know that you can train the body to use other sources of energy (your extra fat!) if it doesn’t have any sugar to pull from,” said Dr. Sandy. Sugar is the most addictive substance on the planet. When we eat too much of it, the body becomes insulin resistant, and extra sugar that your body can’t use as energy is stored as fat.

Why Our Program Is Different

Most weight loss programs are hypocaloric. This type of diet focuses on eating fewer calories than you burn to lose weight. But when your protein, carbs, and fat are all decreased simultaneously, you not only lose fat, but also muscle. Additionally, this type of diet can also cause significant nutrient deficiencies that can lead to other health problems.
Ideal Protein, our 3-phase weight loss program, is designed to maintain muscle while only losing fat. With this medically developed program, you can maintain a healthy body composition because muscle burns fat and increases metabolism. That’s why we want to maintain or build that lean mass with adequate amounts of protein, avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies using supplements, and only reduce carbohydrates and fats.

What to Expect

Dr. Sandy uses technology to evaluate where you’re starting, and she assesses what your diet looks like now. She’ll also do a deep dive into WHY you want to lose weight, and why other programs may have failed in the past. When your why is big enough, there is no temptation worth sabotaging your success.

Once these things are established, “There’s a specific protocol that we follow during the weight loss phase of the program to shift the body into a fat-burning mode,” she said. Once you’ve achieved your desired weight, the coaching continues to help you prevent re-gain and maintain your weight for good!

The Value of Accountability

With our weight loss program, you’ll never have to go it alone. Accountability is what makes this program unique. Many people try some type of DIY weight loss program, often in January, and fail because they’re missing the critical accountability piece.

Once you reach your weight loss goal, we continue to meet regularly for the first few weeks while making changes, adding carbohydrates and fats back into your diet in a systematic way that moves us toward weight stabilization . As you reach stabilization, we extend that coaching to monthly visits for a year to help you maintain your weight loss.

Get Started Today

To learn more or schedule a free consultation, give our practice a call. You can also book online; under New Patient Visit, select Ideal Protein Consultation.

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